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West Bradford Township

Managed Media Services


West Bradford Township located in Chester County, PA is a community with a population of just over 12,000.  Township officials realized they were having very little success reaching their residents with only traditional marketing and communication methods and knew they needed to find a better way to interact.  Without the ability to hire a new marketing staff the Township was in a difficult spot trying to find a new solution.  That’s when they reached out to AVT Creative Services to see how we could help. 


With a monthly digital marketing contract with AVT Creative Services, West Bradford found a solution that allowed them to use our services for a low monthly payment for unlimited graphics, social media posting and management and occasional video services.  This has allowed them to fulfill the need to mix in a new communication medium without hiring new staff.  


West Bradford saw their social media followers jump significantly. Based on the initial success with the social media contract, they have added a video component to their digital marketing contract with AVT Creative Services.  “AVT Communities has been a wonderful asset to our Township. As a Township Manager, it is vital to be able to relay important information to our community. With AVT Communities, we are able to devise strategies with their talented staff to utilize video and graphic design in an effort to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content to our citizens on social media and beyond.” Justin Yaich Township Manager, West Bradford Township. 

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