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TMACC of Chester County

Managed Media Services

AVT Creative Services works with TMACC to develop and distribute creative content to the general public, business community, stakeholder groups and elected officials, with an overall goal of increasing support for TMACC programs and initiatives. Additionally, each month, TMACC will have access to AVT Creative Services' Kimberton Village Studio, video support equipment and creative talent staff comprising over 50 years of combined experience in corporate sales and marketing videos, promotional, educational, energy & environment and government videos, as well as live event streaming productions.

AVT Creative Services works in conjunction with TMACC to accomplish their mission through planning, coordinating and overseeing the implementation of print and digital advertising, promotions, and special event/public information program campaigns; 

  • Establish and manage internal and external editorial calendar. 

  • Develop written and digital content by identifying and researching stories that advance TMACC’s objectives and promotes the mission. 

  • Establish and maintain media lists and relationships. 

  • Plan and direct short-range and long-range marketing and promotional campaigns with a special emphasis on programs or initiatives designed to increase Transportation Demand Management strategies and other contract work awareness by identifying goals and objectives, researching and analyzing options, preparing plans and writing copy, coordinating graphic design elements, coordinating distribution and media, and analyzing results. 

  • Develop, monitor, and oversee the production of print materials and publications by identifying goals and objectives, researching and analyzing options, preparing plans, researching subject matter, writing copy, and managing graphic design elements, printing, production, and distribution. 

  • Develop creative materials for special events and outreach activities by identifying goals and objectives, preparing and implementing plans, and analyzing results. Writing news releases, articles and other print materials. 

  • Design and develop print materials and publications. 

  • Oversee the development and maintenance of TMACC’s website and social media programs. 

  • Manage and maintain domain and social media logins and passwords. 

  • Negotiate and purchase media advertisements. 

  • Assist in the surveying of stakeholders. 

  • Advise and provide marketing and communications recommendations to the Executive Director and other team members. 

  • Prepare and monitor budget as it relates to Marketing and Communications activities.

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