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Bringing Your Ideas To Life.

Phoenix Media Group, PMG, has undergone a noteworthy transformation. The same full-service digital media company you’ve come to know, and love is now called AVT Creative Services.

For our corporate, educational, and non-profit friends our new identity will continue to satisfy all the existing expectations of what our original mark stood for while simultaneously connecting our creative brand with our parent company, AVT.

Our new branding of the dark blue color provides a strong visual link, a connection to Applied Video Technology. The consistent representation of this core color helps reinforce and ‘bridges the gap’ between AVT and AVT Creative Services.

AVTCS combines old school production heads to young talented creative minds. This blend of talents has helped forge a dynamic digital marketing agency unlike others. Our team consist of marketing experts, producers, directors, writers, videographers, editors, graphic artists, video engineers, and production assistants.


We have worked with Fortune 500 business leaders, USEPA, Homeland Security, and FEMA officials to U.S. State Representatives, PA State Representatives, NJ Senate Presidents, Governors, and Professional Athletes.

Whether your budget is small, medium or large AVTCS looks forward to collaborating.

We approach each day to help tell the story of our clients. We believe if you have a story to tell, AVTCS will help you tell it.

For more information about our services, previous productions, or if you would just like to hear ‘war stories' contact AVTCS, we would love to hear from you!


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